Global Management


Global Management

We do what we do best by building, edifying, requalifying and turning methods and people into effective teams capable of developing any business.

Marketing and Communication

- Marketing plans,
- Digital marketing campaigns,
- Social media management,
- Websites and informatic APPs.

Global Management

- Commercial representation / prospecting,
- Industrial management,
- Strategic management.


Integrated Management

By using the most effective management, planning and control software, we create an integrated process according to the company’s plan and needs:

- Commercial Management and CRM,
- Treasury Management,
- Performance Assessment.

Investment Projects

Applications for Incentives under the New Framework 2014-2020 CSF (Common Strategic Framework). We are available to keep track of all investment projects as well as participate actively in their management, by creating, forming and managing technical teams constituted for this purpose.

Human Resource Management

- Human Resource Management, Performance Assessment,
- Increased global satisfaction,
- Human resource reframing within the structure or service,
- Training models in the areas of interpersonal relationship,
- Recruitment process building.

Tax and Accounting Advisory

In order to maximise the profitability of your business, our team of consultants specialised in the fiscal area minimise the tax effect in various branches of taxation:

- Income Tax Clearance (CIT),
- Continuous assessment in the context of Value Added Tax (VAT),
- Handling and assessment of Municipal Taxes (Municipal Property Tax and Municipal Property Transfer Tax),
- International Taxation,
- Handling of tax proceedings,
- Elaboration of the tax restructuring Global plan.